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Baby Massage Techniques

Soothe your baby with these step-by-step instructions to baby massage techniques.

We’ve simplified baby massage into six simple strokes. Perform each one slowly, for about a minute, using moderate pressure applied with the pads of your fingers, not the entire palm of your hand. Keep your baby cozy by turning up the heat in the room and using a soft towel to cover her exposed skin.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following gear nearby:

  • A comfortable flat surface covered by a blanket or a mat
  • A small amount of baby oil (olive oil works well, too)
  • Tissues or paper towels to wipe up excess oil
  • A soft towel or blanket to cover your baby
  • A pacifier, if it’s calming for your little one
  • Low lights
  • Soft music

1. Lay your baby comfortably on his stomach, with his head turned to one side.

2. Pour a few drops of baby or olive oil on your hands, and rub them together to moisten them.

3. Begin stroking from his forehead over the top of his head, then down to the nape of his neck.

4. Stroke across each shoulder from the center of the neck out to the arm, one side at a time.

5. From the top of your baby’s back, massage down to his hips with both hands, being careful to avoid the spine.

6. Run the pads of your fingers down the back of your baby’s legs at the same time, then go back up again.

7. Repeat the same stroking motion on the back of your baby’s arms.

8. Turn your baby over onto his back. Repeat the down-and-up strokes on his chest and the front of his arms and legs.