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Fun Ways to Photograph Your Newborn’s First Days

If you're looking for a photographer to document the newest addition to your family, have them consider these creative ideas.

Focus on your newborn’s size

They’re teeny-tiny peanuts only for a very short time, so it’s best to capture the little details—tiny fingers, tiny toes—within those first few weeks. Most parents are so busy adjusting to life with a newborn that they let the little details slip by. Many clients have told me the photos from our session were more meaningful later on because they served as a true time capsule.

Don’t miss candid interaction

Images of parents and siblings holding and interacting with a newborn are just as important as photos of the newborn alone. Try to capture the extreme newness and overwhelming sense of love from those first few weeks. Your child will one day treasure seeing images of you and your family lovingly ushering him or her into this brand new world.

Zoom In

In their first weeks and months, newborns slowly begin to share more and more facial expressions as they take in more of the world. You never quite know what will inspire them—sometimes joy, sometimes wonder, sometimes a little gas! But if your photographer keeps close, there’s a greater chance of capturing some truly heartwarming faces.

Monkey See; Monkey Do

If your newborn has older siblings, have your photographer pull them into the photo for some lighthearted mimicry. Get your little ones to copy their facial expressions, sounds or poses for genuinely sweet and funny images!

Capture the whole family

Have your photographer photograph the whole family snuggled together around your newborn. It will showcase the fun and joy felt by both parents and siblings about the birth of the baby—and help highlight the newcomer’s teeny-tiny size.